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Welcome to the Atomic Blog!

It’s still early days at Protonn, but we’re not losing any time switching on our blog. We’d like you to get acquainted with who we are, what we do, and how we can help independent professionals all over the world. So if you’re reading this… welcome to The Atomic Blog, the journal for all things Protonn.

The Protonn office in Bangalore (2021).

Protonn is the brainchild of Anil Goteti and Mausam Bhatt, former colleagues at Flipkart, who come with a wealth of experience building and scaling organizations across the globe. Their vision is to create a world-class product leveraging video communications to enable and empower independent professionals to run their business end-to-end.

Last year in the US alone, over 60M independent professionals freelanced, totaling around 36% of the workforce in the country. At a global scale, we’re looking at an independent workforce of 300M, offering a wide spectrum of services. These individuals, consisting of service providers and small business owners, are powering economies around the world. The numbers are big, yet products with consolidated features geared specifically to this industry are lacking. Professionals are finding themselves jumping through a clutter of apps and software for a variety of crucial reasons – payments, invoicing, calendaring, and document storage; in turn losing their minds, losing potential income and more importantly, losing time that can be utilised for more meaningful engagements. Protonn wants to put an end to this digital clutter with a practical solution, a simple and easy to use business-in-a-box.

Another trend we’ve noticed is that video consumption has grown tenfold over the last 5 years, mostly thanks to the short format and the enabling of real-time interactions. These advances in video communications for consumers and creators are being pioneered on platforms like Snapchat and TikTok; yet we feel video comms in a professional setting have missed this shake-up. Be it filters, stickers or instant commentary and reactions, there is an interactive gap in online professional environments that must be addressed.

This is why we’re taking a fresh look at the features and the sticky personalization experienced by content creators and their fans on TikTok and Snapchat, and working towards putting it in the hands of independent professionals. The need to creatively engage for professional services via video is real and it goes without saying the COVID pandemic has only heightened this need. We’re not taking anything away from the intimacy of face to face interactions, but in our world, we want professionals and their clients to genuinely feel video communications are far more useful.

At Protonn, we want to lead this change by building a product that will enable interactive video communications, hassle-free scheduling, easy & secure payments, one-click social integrations and engaging content creation tools.

Chatting with Anil when he first told me he was ‘starting up’ with Mausam, he articulated Protonn’s ambitions to a tee, “We are passionate about a product idea that will positively impact millions of professionals around the world. It goes back to the core of communication, engagement and connectivity marrying human emotions and technology.”

Protonn’s Co-Founders: Mausam Bhatt (L) and Anil Goteti (R)

What’s with the name, we hear you ask. Borrowing from our Careers page (yup, we’re hiring g): “Proto in Greek stands for first and proton connotes a positive charge.” Our mantra is to be a positive change catalyst for the massive freelance and independent industry. You may have also connected the dots, but it’s no coincidence you can find the word ‘pro’ in Protonn and professional. As for the extra ‘n’, we’re hoping it gives us more oomph, the same way our product will for professionals.

So that’s Protonn in a nutshell. Essentially, we are reimagining the role of technology to help the freelance market thrive. We’re just getting started, learning and evolving with each day. This is just the first chapter (or even a prologue) in what will hopefully be an epic saga. Bookmark us as we take you on a journey of a start-up developing a platform that will transform the way independent professionals work, engage and grow their businesses.

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